# Great words

有几句话想对那些有技术能力喜欢鼓捣新东西的同学说两句,你们一定保持住自己的好奇心和喜欢动手的这种天性,这个东西会随着你的成长会越来越淡化(因为你会被世俗的东西所潜移默化)。另外,除了喜欢折腾新鲜的东西外还不够,你们还要多深专那些你觉得很枯燥无味的陈旧的技术和非常基础的知识,比如:C/C++ 可以让你对系统原理更清楚,Java 可以让你对工程和架构更了解,虽然这些语言看上去不酷,而且把技术当成玩具一样玩的确很好玩,但是要变成能够用技术造大厦的工程师或架构师,你就是需要去了解这些看上去“不酷”的东西……

-- Writed by Hao Chen


因为社会化阅读、社会化讨论,会强迫一个人去表达,以变成 Smart ass 为荣





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# Advice from others about how to code

The world of programming is very vast, and touches many different branches.Choose one, based on your skills and needs, and follow it for a long enough period.Don't try to understand everything. It's impossible

  • Imposter syndrome happens to everyone
  • Coding is a lifelong journey
  • Practice practice practice
  • Start a blog
  • Remember why we code: to create value and solve problems. We're trying to help people.

And a practical one: Lean Git. It's absolutely universal in our industry

Try to expert in Google search Right-pointing magnifying glass Because most of the solution to your question already solved by someone.

  • don't afraid to ask for clarifying the problem
  • don't afraid to give an alternative solution to the problem
  • don't judge current solution by how bad it is, but learn why it's so bad and try improve it
  • find a/some mentor from a domain that you interest with
  • try to do contribute/involve opensource works if you have free time
  • there's always gonna be conflict of interest, just realize that every people have different interest consensus in distributed system is hard, but real consensus in real life might be even harder

Read whatever you can get your hands on. It actually doesn't have to do with programming, but everything that expands your knowledge and changes your way of thinking will boost your developing skills. Plus, if you want to specialize on front- or backend, still don't stop there. Get your hands dirty and learn about the other side. It will only strengthen your skills and make it easier to communicate with fellow developers that have to do the FE for your BE and vice versa.

First, don't watch many tutorials that can stress you. It is better to direct videos. Second, take time to think about your practice just evaluate yourself. Third, I beg you don't copy and paste codes it is very bad. Fourth, try to create your own project like a portfolio.

  • Give yourself time to learn, be patient with yourself
  • Have a utilitarian side project that you enjoy working on
  • Don't just copy/paste
  • Read the error message fully
  • Learn source code control methods (git, svn, cvs, vss etc)
  • Breakpoints are your friends

Look back at what you wrote 2 years ago, if it looks bad then you are learning and improving. The day your old work stops looking bad is when you're failing to improve. Perfection is a direction, not a destination.

Not a senior dev yet but what I can tell my fellow juniors is:- Coding is a tool- Google is your manual always.- Understanding fundamentals is like nailing the glossary of the manual. That's how you know what to search for when you encounter issues while using your tool.

  1. Practice helps solidify your knowledge.

  2. Write out the code, don't just copy & paste it.

  3. Mistakes are bound to happen, don't let them put you down.

  4. Don't push yourself too hard, it something isn't working take a break, try something else and come back to it.

There's always time to learn and time to practice, that's a habit that all devs develop, but, no one knows how it happensone day you feel frustated for having to study and learn every day, and the next day you just love it, as simple as that..

Don't learn a language people tell you to.. Take the recommendation, and test them out. Devs always tell that this language is better than the other.. Even JS itself, they fight over that react is better than angular, vice versa. People love vanilla while you love chocolate, why force yourself with vanilla? Don't waste time learning every framework out there... Dude if you still want to use PHP go right ahead, don't give a dam and just make websites that work. Choose the tools you like to build with

Take your time.Don't begin to write code until you understand the problemLearn as much as you can from senior developers in your team/environmentLearn how to test and debug early onAlways take a step back and try to see the bigger picture!

Keep on learning. You may like or even love the way you do things right now, but there are other ways, some of them very different, some of them better than yours. Keep your mind opened.